I have some incredible humans in my life.  They range from cheese aficionados to boutique owners to nutritionists to real estate pros.  One of these top-notch friends of mine is Miss Katie Kelly, a serious wino and foodie.  I asked her to be a frequent contributor to hole in the pearl.  Katie is the Wine Director at The Citizen Wine Bar in Worcester, Massachusetts and will be sharing with us her thoughts on what she considers to be the “it” wine of the week/month/season.  This week she talks about the 2009 Mollydooker “The Maitre D” Cabernet Sauvignon. Drum roll…


This week’s wine of the week is a true steal. Mollydooker, “Aussie for Left Hander” is one of the better known, well-respected producers out of Australia. They have a cult following that has now reached a more mainstream popularity, without compromising their integrity. They have gained such notoriety because of their distinct style. Their wines are incredibly dense, complex, and intense. They strive for wines of high “Fruit Weight” which they describe as “the percentage of your palate (from the tip of your tongue going all the way back) that’s covered by the velvety sensation of fruit, before you experience any of the structural components of the wine.” Simply put, these are highly intense wines.

What makes Mollydooker so unique is that they achieve this style through vineyard management and viticultural practices, not by over-extracting the grapes. When a wine is “over-extracted”, the winemaker macerated (soaked) the skins of the grape longer to achieve extra complexity and character, but also extracting extra tannins, creating an unbalanced structure. Instead of manipulating a grape to become intense in character, Mollydooker manipulates the development and ripening process of the vines through their “Marquis Vineyard Watering Programme”. This creates the Mollydooker signature style.
This particular Cabernet uses grapes from McLaren Vale, Padthaway, and Langhorne Creek in South Australia, then it is barrel fermented and aged in 80% American Oak, and 20% French Oak, new and used. This velvety wine has notes of red cherry, raspberry jam and black cassis. The dense fruit is complimented by notes of licorice, mocha, and eucalyptus. These pronounced aromatics are tied together and balanced with fine tannins.

Pour me a glass of that please!

(Written by, Katie Kelly, Contributing Writer)